February 10th 2019

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea Park

7 -10 March 2019

Battersea Evolution
Queenstown Road

New work from my ongoing 8am Walks series will feature in this Spring’s Platform Projects at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park alongside works by artists Scarlett Bowman, Alice Wilson, Rebecca Byrne and Alice Irwin. You can find more info on the Art Fair site here

‘Whilst they don’t offer immediate answers, the artists in Platform Projects all consider the ways in which we relate to our environment and thus pose important questions for us all to consider.  Scarlett Bowman takes inspiration from incidental arrangements of everyday objects, creating abstracted paintings and sculptures that carry recognisable but oblique references to place; Rebecca Byrne makes large-scale, immersive paintings that take the viewer on a journey through her own memories; Alice Irwin uses the language of childhood play to explore psychological questions and experiences; Jeremy Knowles seeks the unexpected in his daily walks around his Berlin neighbourhood, capturing moments of colour that stand out from the gloom; Alice Wilson places painted objects in the landscape to help audiences navigate, then brings them back into the urban environment bearing the traces of their previous incarnation, reconnecting nature and the man-made’  

Curator Becca Pelly-Fry
(Griffin Gallery, Elephant Magazine)

November 11th 2018


Studio Baustelle

7 - 8 December 2018

Berthelsdorfer Str 11
12043, Berlin

Two limited editions (C-Types, signed) will be exhibited and auctioned by Studio Baustelle in December as part of their winter program. Find the event page on Studio Baustelle’s site here.

Studio Baustelle is a space for art, events and experiments in Neukölln, Berlin, highlighting analogue and accessible media. Bidding will start on Friday night with an opening party and continue on Saturday with a winter BBQ.
September 11th 2018



Very excited to be shortlisted for BLOOOM Award 2018 for my series Dresden nach Prag.

Read the press release here.

June 3rd 2018


Instagram Takeover

Tune in to the Postcards From Home Instagram platform here from June 4th till June 8th during my account takeover, when I’ll be sharing work from my 2014 series 48 Wingfield Drive.

Postcards From Home is an art community that brings together local communities, refugees, immigrants and artists to reflect on the idea of HOME.

June 1st 2018


The Language Farm

Read an article featuring work from my series The Language Farm here in Earthlings Magazine.

‘From April to October I would find myself away from the stressors of the modern world, immersed in a place of which nothing else outside it existed. In the heart of Germany a little country of its own has been formed, where the English language is preferred, fires keep you warm at night and technology is non-existent.’

February 23rd 2018


Issue #37

Read my interview here for Art Reveal Magazine.

Art Reveal Magazine is dedicated to promoting and publishing independent artists from all countries and all genres of visual art. Each issue of the magazine presents several contemporary artist portfolios and their artistic statements.

February 10th 2018


Jeremy Knowles Interview

Read my interview here with DOCH.

‘8am Walks’ opens at HOM, Berlin, 17th February.

January 31st 2018

Solo exhibition by Jeremy Knowles

Private View:
17 February 2018
@ HOM Berlin

I’m very excited to be delivering a solo show with DOCH Project this February in Neukölln. This first comprehensive display of works from my ongoing series ‘8am Walks’ will be on show at HOM Cafe alongside a small batch of limited newspaper editions produced for the exhibition.

We're kicking off this year's exhibition program with '8am Walks' - part of an ongoing series by photographer Jeremy Knowles.

'8am Walks' is built upon one simple instruction: Leave the house at 8am with a camera and walk. For Jeremy it is both the beginning and end of a journey, and fulfils a major role within his ongoing and playful photographic study of the everyday. By bringing greater prominence and visibility to the accidental, the miraculous and the comical, we are challenged by the artist to reconsider the weight of our daily interactions with things and people, and meditate on what happens when we think nothing is happening.
December 9th, 2017


‘Unexpected’ - A Group Exhibtion.

Hoxton Arches, London

I’ll be showing work this month during a one-off group show in Hoxton Arches, London, with organizers STOMACH. Recent work from my ‘8am Walks’ will be on display.

STOMACH is a London-based company and artist-run event providing a platform for innovative artistic practice in all disciplines. We offer a gallery space based in the Hoxton Arches to the artist or group of artists so that they are free to engage with the space without the usual pressure of commercial gain that restricts the freedom of the artist’s work. The event ranges from artistic shows (photography, design, painting, sculpture and mixed media) to live art performances and screenings.

December 5th, 2017


Featured artist Jeremy Knowles.

Read my interview here with 93 MAGAZINE.

93 MAGAZINE is a projection of visual content for makers of all disciplines, published in the medium of print.

In association with No More Human