‘You could say that Jeremy Knowles has an obsession with shape and colour. Since 2016, he has been based in Berlin, where he has set about exploring its identity on the ground. As he winds his way through this vibrant city, he discovers the everyday things that we overlook, and injects them with new life.

Through his lens, these seemingly mundane objects and buildings become elevated. Knowles plants the viewer firmly in his camera, to see what he sees, and how he sees it. His adventurous contrast of light and shadow, usual and unusual, known and unknown asks us to take a minute to reflect on the ordinary marvels that exist around us.’
- Richard Kalman, Crane Kalman Brighton, 2021

‘British lens-based artist Jeremy Philip Knowles has a ritual of walking the streets of Berlin and capturing elements of the city with his camera that would usually go unnoticed. His colourful series alert us to vibrancies present in even the most monochrome and mundane places, if only we allow ourselves the time to look.’
- DegreeArt, 2020

‘Berlin-based artist Jeremy Knowles (b. 1992) traverses a space between documentary and conceptual photography. Finding abstractions in the urban landscape, the bold images in 8am Walks seek vibrancy within architectural space – cataloging the everyday through surprising angles.

The images show how the colours of scaffolding, paint and other manmade materials disrupt the rhythms of a landscape. Each work was taken at the same time of day as part of an ongoing routine, recording elements found within individual journeys.’
- Aesthetica Magazine, 2019

‘For his latest project titled '8am walks', Berlin-based British photographer Jeremy Philip Knowles had a simple objective. Leave the house at 8am every day with his camera and capture what he saw around him.

A city that often has a reputation for being dark and gloomy, Jeremy dispels this popular myth with details of colour, pattern and shadow with a project that lasted for over two years.’
- CreativPaper, 2019