Common Ground:
The Wallpaper Project

Youth Workshop, Installation
Tools Without Rules Project
RAUMSPACE Festival, Kaliningrad

- 2020

Common Ground: The Wallpaper Project was an international, collaborative art project engaging two school classes of teenagers, aged between 12 and 15 years old. The project was conducted between Georg-Weerth-Schule in Berlin and The School of Creative Technologies in Kaliningrad.

Through a series of in-person and online workshops held in November 2020, each class considered ways of reflecting upon everyday life in Berlin and Kaliningrad respectively through mobile-phone photography. The aim of the project was for the students to collaborate on the design of a wallpaper – a real, physical thing – to be installed within RAUMSPACE festival in Kaliningrad, in December 2020. Although the students from these two classes did not meet in person, they were nonetheless well-equipped with the tools needed to engage rigorously in conversations about everyday life in the city, to address the subject of the future from their two locations, and to exchange persectives, even across geographical and politcal borders, in order to find new common ground.

- Dimensions (HxWxD): 250 x 300 cm
- Materials: Adehsive Digital Print
- Primary Medium: Photography