Settling Scores

Group Walking Performance
Lichtenberg Studios Residency
Neu-Hohenschönhausen + Karlshorst, Berlin

- 2023

Settling Scores was a two-part public engagement that Masha Wysocka and I co-facilitated toward the end of our one-month residency at Lichtenberg Studios in Berlin.

The idea driving these engagements, in which we invited participants to join us in walking, listening, and performing in public spaces, originated in our desire to share our perception of particular sites in Lichtenberg in non-invasive ways – specifically without the use of politically loaded objects such as cameras or microphones. The two open engagements that made up Settling Scores took place in Neu-Hohenschönhausen and Karlshorst respectively. For each place, we wrote scores that participants would use to engage physically and playfully with their surroundings.

Our aim was to experiment with a technique for addressing the history of these sites in a non-didactic way, through which participants could ask questions and draw conclusions based on their own, personal experiences, and thereby blur the lines between truth and fiction, seen and unseen, history and historical narrative.

Our residency was supported through a Culture Moves Europe mobility grant, which is part of Creative EU.